Our Story

The Joov concept was made in late 2015 when aspiring motocross rider Tom Johnson broke his neck while racing. Shortly after he then got diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. As a physiotherapist, he was looking after his diet and liked to eat as healthy as possible. Using other topical muscle rub creams and ointments he realised that they were full of chemicals and bulking agents and made eating clean relatively pointless as he was rubbing chemicals into his body.


It was this that then made Tom create Joov – a 100% natural topical heat formula to help with neck pain.


After a mass of research, speaking to various professionals and trial and error, Tom came up with the Joov formula for himself to use on his neck.


Due to being heavily involved in the motocross scene from 5 years old, as well as being into fitness he started using it for DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as well as offering it to friends who raced motocross to help with the dreaded ARM PUMP!

To much delight 99% of people who used Joov for motocross loved it, so Tom decided to make it into a 'proper' business!


Roughly mid 2017 things started to take off and Joov started to become more popular throughout the UK in the motocross world, and has since been growing into other markets such as rugby, cycling, dancing, football, triathlons, rock climbing, as well as being used by health professionals like osteopaths and sports masseuses throughout the country.